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muradEmirates Photo Marketing is the symbol of brand loyalty that Al Murad Group holds towards Kodak when they pioneered the operations of the first ever photo finishing lab in the Middle East region.


With an eye for excellence the Marketing, Sales and Services team EPM has always performed beyond the expectations.

Wide Product Range

Wide range to choose coupled with adequate options to have preprinted cards as well as customized security features.

Best After sales service

A full compliment of 35 fully trained and skillful engineers provide timely and high quality service and support.

Inventory and Logistics support

Equipped a number of delivery vans, EPM has a 10000-sqm warehouse in Ajman with satellite warehouses

ID Cards Printed

Printers Sold


News & Events

Product Launches, Exhibitions, New branches, In the


For more than 30 years, EPM has been providing premium security solutions and innovative imaging technologies from the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. We continue to bring best in class products and brands to UAE and the region, so our customers can equip their enterprises with high level security solutions.

Our wide range of security products and imaging solutions include:


We complement our high-quality products with stellar customer service. We provide on-time delivery of products and replacement parts, accompanied by prompt repair and maintenance services from our team of service engineers. Our company has extensive service coverage throughout UAE, with strategic offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman.

At EPM, we believe our responsibility to our clients extends even after the client’s purchase and product delivery – we continue to nurture our relationship with our clients through fast response times, on-demand technical support, and quick and efficient completion of on-site tasks.

From the ever-reliable and professional minilabs located across the country, to digital imaging technologies that add lustre to the biggest brands in the world, EPM has always been at the forefront of the industry, and a step ahead of the competition.