An analog CCTV surveillance system uses a CCD image sensor to convert images into a digital form to allow them to be processed and then transmits the videos it needs to convert back in an analog form to allow analog devices such as a video recorder and monitor, to be able to receive the videos. An IP CCTV surveillance system broadcasts video as a digital stream over an IP network such as a WAN, LAN, Internet or Intranet. IP CCTV cameras seamlessly combine the capabilities of CCTV cameras and some PC functionality which eliminates the need to have a direct connection to a PC to operate. This provides much greater flexibility and allows you to place them anywhere within a network.

Because network video technology has improved significantly over the past decade or so we have witnessed high resolution and faster CCTV security cameras and video recorders or DVR recorders enter the market. With a much higher resolution, faster transfer rates, and easier connectivity than ever before businesses are able to manage their security and CCTV surveillance needs easier than ever.

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Nov 03 2016