40 SAFE – 40 keyplaces safe cabinet with RFID technology – key management system, key control, key tracking, key cabinet

Keys are secured by locks and RFID tags. Access to keys with PIN code and/or card.

Problems around keys
If more people are entitled to use a certain key and it is taken by one of them, who knows where the key is at the moment?

Use your intelligent key cabinets as standalone ones or let them communicate with each other in local network. All cabinets have embedded computer with Ethernet network interfaces. Administer your cabinets from anywhere using a web-browser.

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Intelligent key cabinet, key storage and key management system

  • 10 – 400 RFID keyplace and keys
  • Graphics control program
  • Bult-in dual core computer
  • Bult-in touch screen LCD monitor
  • Bult-in proximity card reader
  • TCP/IP ethernet protocoll
  • SSD system drive
  • Backup memory
  • Modular design
  • Made form steel
  • Remote control
  • Integration with other systems


May 23 2016