KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) has been designed to make your resources work harder and your staff, smarter. Easy to use on both sides of the counter, your people spend more time selling than operating. APEX is modular and therefore expandable piece by piece, limiting both initial and expansion costs. Plus, thermal technology requires no water or chemicals saving resources and allowing you to locate anywhere.

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Walk away operation. You can train your staff in less than an hour. Your APEX runs virtually unattended, freeing your employees to work with customers. Plus, our thermal printing systems are clean and easy to maintain.

Less is more—a lot more. It’s so much easier for your staff to track one consumable SKU instead of some competitor’s six to eight. The material inventory costs are low, which is good news since reducing your stock-keeping costs is just a smarter way to use capital.

Go with the flow or direct it. Kodak lets you control production—when you need to. For example, choice of automatic or manual order release and the ability to dedicate printer(s) to your most pressing need delights both customers and staff.

Power where it’s needed. Kodak intelligent, shared image processing tools manage your kiosk workflow switching image rendering and other heavy processing tasks to an APEX Workstation—freeing up kiosks for the next customer.

Click, click—they pick them up the same day. Now you can direct online sales to your retail photo business. KODAK Net-to-Retail Solution allows your APEX to receive and manage orders directly from all categories of websites—including retailer.com, Pure Plays and other third parties.

An easy decision.

A quality experience. Kodak provides legendary image quality and a lifetime of enjoyment. KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology consistently delivers more vibrant colors, richer detail and fewer dark shadows. Prints on KODAK XTRALIFE Paper are waterproof, wipe able, stain-resistant and will last a lifetime.

Support as smart as our Technology. We know working equipment is crucial to business. And we stand behind our products and solutions. Should a technical issue arise, you have the support of Kodak’s Service Personnel.

Improved environmental footprint. APEX uses 70 to 90% less energy than comparably sized AgX minilabs; consumes no chemicals and uses no water, saving an estimated 5,000 liters annually.1 In addition, the KODAK Picture Kiosk G4XE Order Station has 25% lower power usage compared to the previous model (G3)2, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 157 kg per year.3Overall, you can count on our systems to be efficient and intelligent in their use of media and consumables.

Choose Kodak. We’ve given your photo business design considerable thought—with the intention of making all aspects intuitive and efficient. You can expect a regular flow of innovative new products from Kodak that create ever-more engaging customer experiences. It’s our definition of a smart choice made easy.


Nov 14 2016