Control Foot Traffic Access with Turnstile Security Systems

When it comes to having control over who goes in and out of a building, nothing comes close to having trained and equipped personnel sitting behind a reception desk. The next best thing is having turnstile gates equipped with access control systems.

Make sure you have complete control over the foot traffic of your facility with high quality turnstile solutions from the leading security solutions provide in the UAE – EPM.

Turnstile solutions for every application

EPM offers a wide array of turnstile gates to meet your requirements. Our products have been manufactured using top quality materials to endure the stresses of high volume use. With precision engineering, we have designed our products to perform smoothly and reliably for a long period of time. Whether you are managing a high traffic property such as a retail outlet, a cinema or a hotel, you can expect our turnstile solutions to work at optimal performance for years on end.

EPM can provide you a gate system that is tailored to the level of security you need. We can provide complete turnstile gates equipped with a centralised access control system to help you monitor and control the flow of people coming in and out of your facility. We can equip your gates with digitised security systems to ensure only people with the right permission levels are able to access certain areas within your facility.

Our products are designed for quick and efficient installation. So if you want your in-house maintenance personnel to handle the installation, getting the job done would take no time at all. Otherwise, EPM can be tasked to install your new gates for you, along with any access control system you want integrated.

Get in touch with EPM today for all your security system requirements

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