Figure what makes the Dubai and UAE market tick with an online survey

In the highly competitive market of Dubai, businesses need every advantage they can get to corner their target niche.

Gain in-depth insight into your target market through online survey solutions in UAE from the leading business solutions provider today – EPM.

Enterprise level online survey software for your business in the UAE

EPM provides a comprehensive line of survey solutions from QuestionPro to help you gain a competitive edge over your competition. Get ahead of the curve and learn to predict trends through in-depth online surveys. Whether your business is into app development or tied to a brick-and-mortar fashion outlet in Dubai, we can develop a solution that meets your need. Find out how you can improve the user experience of your app and eliminate bugs by conducting a survey online, or figure out which is trendier for young women today – patterns or stripes – through a targeted questionnaire.

Our survey software has a wide range of applications to help you make data-driven business strategies. From boosting your customer satisfaction to branding research, our data tools can provide a significant boost to your data collection.

Furthermore, our enterprise software can be tailored for easy integration into your business CRM. You can get real-time results to your surveys sent directly to your dashboard, so you can monitor the stream of data through your secure CRM. You can also turn on report scheduling, which allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the data in batches.
Software integration means you have access to all the reports and data 24/7. If you want to compare data over certain periods, our survey solutions can retrieve information from a database almost instantly.


Boost your business competitiveness with online survey software

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