Automatic Storage System – Indaco TomWork+

TomWork+ is the new Personal Storage Machine designed as a distributor and as an automatic warehouse for the management of tools, measuring instruments of different dimensions. This product is designed to monitor in real time the handling of the value objects. Thanks to the concern badge, the user is identified and is driven by the machine for collecting only objects for which he is enabled.

As a tool warehouse, TomWork+ can manage up to 710 different items of different dimensions (tools, measuring tools, etc). It can memorise how many times an item has been taken and then returned, how long it was used and the period of time after which it is necessary to replace it, by offering in real time a complete management of the assets. Automating this process allows to the company to save time.

TomWork+ is part of Internet of Things (IoT) and automates the entire flow of distribution and return of equipment and valuables used in the Company,such as:

  • Tools
  • Measuring and precision instruments
  • Equipment
  • Vehicle and premises keys
  • PCs and Tablets
  • Various accessories and KITs


  • Manages up to 710 different references
  • Can have shelves dedicated solely to distribution and others configured in warehouse mode (outgoing and incoming items)
  • Reduces distribution time by 80%
  • Traces the status of the item during the return
  • Verifies availability and monitors consumption,stock and stock-out in real time.
  • Has a flexible configuration over time that can be customized as required
  • Enables items to be booked directly from the monitor
  • Can be combined with Rosk for disposal and with TC Console for training

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