Protect confidential information through facial recognition access control

Confidential information and assets require advanced access control systems to prevent espionage or theft. Facial recognition access control reinforces your existing safeguards with next level security, granting you complete control over the accessibility of your resources.

If you are looking for a reliable security solutions provider, partner with EPM – one of the most trusted access and security software companies today.

Facial recognition Technology for Access and Attendance Management

EPM carries best-in-class face recognition technology designed to enhance the security of companies and other institutions in the UAE. Through face recognition technology, clearances can be regulated and limited to authorised personnel without the use of key cards. Peripherals such as key cards can get tampered or misplaced, posing a threat to your privacy. Our advanced solution can eliminate the need for such peripherals while providing accurate and secure regulation of permissions to authorised personnel.

The system can be programmed to store data from all access events, successful and unsuccessful. This allows storage of vital information from breaching attempts, such as facial features and time and date of the attempt. Highly accurate sensors allow for quick and precise facial identity scanning during an access attempt. The technology is completely non-contact, which helps in preventing the spread of bacteria or viruses.

Easy to install or integrate into an existing security and attendance system

Our face recognition security and attendance system is easy and quick to install. EPM has trained tech specialists who can perform the system installation or integration for you. Following this, we can easily provide guidance to your in-house IT department with regards to software maintenance, debugging, and other tech concerns. We can completely customise your software and interface to your requirements.

Leverage the expertise of one of the most reliable security software companies today

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