Optimise your brick-and-mortar outfit with footfall counting systems

When it comes to businesses that have a physical presence, measuring the traffic that comes in and out of your store is a key indicator of performance. When there is a steady stream of people coming in to check out your merchandise, you have a higher chance of conversion. On the other hand, when there are only a few people coming through your front door, that means there are fewer chances of a sale.

Measure the performance of your physical store with the help of people counters for retail – partner with EPM today.

People counters for retail

EPM offers comprehensive retail store traffic counter technology to help you keep track of the people traffic flowing through your store. Through a footfall counting machine, you can dive deep into analytics data of your store’s performance and figure out it performs throughout different circumstances. Footfall counters can help you determine the impact of your visual marketing efforts, from your re-branding strategies to seasonal redecorations. Through analytics data, you can measure the drawing power of the different design themes you implement on your store. This data can also give you a metric for determining the performance of your staff. Footfall counters can help you determine the personnel who are able to convert the highest percentage of store traffic into sales.

However, a people counting machine is not just for existing stores. Footfall counting systems can also help you identify areas that have the highest potential. Using this data will allow you to strategise where to open your next brick-and-mortar outfit.

Leverage the power of data with a people counting machine

Partner with EPM today. Not only can we provide the right system for your store, but we can also equip you with the right knowledge to maximise the capabilities of counting systems. We can guide you on how to understand and interpret the data, so you can make data-based decisions.

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