Print Plastic IDs Quickly & Easily with Smart ID Card Printers in Dubai

With a smart ID card printer in your Dubai office, producing IDs and access cards for your company’s new or current employees is made more convenient and efficient. Economise and safeguard your official identification and access requirements by doing everything in house. Partner with EPM – the leading provider of cost-effective security technologies in Dubai and the UAE.

Invest in a handy plastic ID printing machine for your UAE office

Our wide array of ID card printers in Dubai is ideal for those who are looking for a printing machine that can handle a large volume of plastic card IDs within a short time. Our range of printers can process more than 100 cards per hour, which makes them the best option for bulk card requirements in companies, government agencies, and other organisations.

We source high-performance printing machines from renowned international brands to ensure we only offer durable and top-quality products. The plastic ID printing devices we have in stock can produce sharp images and clear details. Coupled with superior thermal transfer technology and excellent lamination capabilities, these printers allow users to preserve the good quality of their IDs for years. The print, colours, and images stay vivid and clear even with constant use.

How today’s smart printer can help boost security and thwart identity theft

If you need a plastic card printer in UAE that can offer greater security features, we have machines that are capable of smart card encoding, magnetic stripe cards printing, and micro text personalisation. These tighter security controls can help you prevent forgery, fraud, and information manipulation.

EPM is your partner when it comes to implementing effective security controls and measures in place. Whether you need a smart printer in UAE, or other technologies that can help you improve building access and monitoring, we can guide you in finding solutions that meet your requirements and budget. For more information on our products and services, contact our office today.