Secure Your Keys in One Place with the JCI Accredited Best Key Management System in Dubai

Keep your access keys organised and well-protected with an intelligent key management system from EPM. With our wide array of options for key storage cabinets, you can surely find one that best meets the security needs of your organisation.

Monitor where your organisation’s keys are with a smart storage box

Our line of key storage systems in Dubai requires a PIN code or access card so you can be sure only authorised personnel can use these. This security feature allows you to monitor and control who has access to all your organisation’s premises and restricted areas. These innovative cabinets are equipped with locks and RFID tags, which allow you to keep track of who is currently using them and where they are.

Manage your building keys wherever you are through its built-in remote control system. It connects seamlessly with various software security systems so users can have full online control and monitoring capabilities at all times.

With an integrated Ethernet network interface, these cabinets can be interconnected through a local computer network, allowing your personnel to detect and track activities in all units. We offer wall mounted key storage systems and cabinet types in order to suit different customer preferences.

Implement the best security solutions with EPM’s industry-leading products and services

For more than 30 years, EPM has been helping organisations and businesses in Dubai and throughout UAE to improve their security systems, prevent unwanted access to their premises, and discourage unauthorised activities. Through our services, our customers are able to increase supervision and control of their internal activities, helping them improve transparency and accountability within their organisation.

We provide efficient security solutions through a wide range of best quality products from the world’s leading brands. Whether you need a wall mounted storage box or a standalone cabinet, we can provide and deliver what you need. As part of our services, we provide on-time parts delivery and replacement, as well as professional servicing and repair. Here at EPM, we aim to make sure you enjoy high-quality security solutions whenever and wherever you need them.