Equip Your Dubai Office with an Advanced Biometric Time Attendance System

Improve your process for monitoring employee attendance and personnel access in your company with a reliable biometric-enabled attendance system. We offer a wide range of automated time attendance machines and access control systems for organisations based in Dubai and the UAE. Whatever your business requirements are, you can find a cost-effective solution here at EPM.

Maximise the benefits of a biometric attendance system for your organisation in UAE

EPM provides a broad range of attendance monitoring systems from leading brands worldwide. We offer the latest models to ensure our customers get to use advanced features, such as accessibility via smartphones and tablets. We have biometric machines that can help your HR personnel accurately monitor and record employee leaves, absences, and overtime, as well as create and export detailed reports.

Our solutions include software that can speed up payroll processing and calculation, which enhances the efficiency and productivity of your staff. We can also help you improve building security through computerised access systems installed at key entry points in your facility in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

These come with an access control reader that feeds real-time updates to your current management software, giving you the most recent information on the activities of your employees, as well as on other individuals entering and leaving your premises.

These machines can be easily integrated with your internal software, so you can immediately implement its company-wide use. These have a user-friendly interface and built-in controls, which can be customised according to your specific needs.

Invest in a sophisticated biometric machine and software for your company

EPM provides tailored solutions to meet the specific security needs of our customers. Let us know your requirements and we will help you assess your needs and determine the best biometric and access system for your organisation. Whether you need a machine that can quickly scan fingerprints, or one capable of iris recognition, our wide product range has you covered.