Spica Mobile Time (SMT) is a mobile app (Android, iOS) for Time&Space users enabling them to carry out the most frequent daily tasks via their smartphone or tablet.

Team Managers

Managers can access real-time data about who is present, who is absent, daily and weekly reports on the staff they are responsible for. Reviewing and responding to leave and other absence requests is much easier and more convenient using Spica Mobile Time. Managers have several reports available at hand; time violations, visual weekly overview and hours totals.

Mobile phone as a field clocking device

Team manager can use his mobile phone as a mobile time clock. Employees can be identified with either QR code scanning or RFID cards (ISO14443 – Mifare and NFC). This SMT feature makes it easy to clock employee teams out in the field.

Personal users

Employees benefit from the SMT mobile app by being able to access their personal time and attendance data anytime and from anywhere. They can clock in and out in the field, review their clockings, check current balance and vacation quotas.

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Dec 10 2016