Real Time Location Services

As industry leaders in real-time location systems (RTLS), we are able to track a large number of assets – equipment, tools, etc., spread over a large area or a few high-value assets within a specific area, with industry-leading accuracy.

Motors fail. Do you know when it is about to fail and what preemptive measures to take, to minimize downtime? Bluvision provides visibility to motor health in real time by monitoring telemetry data including vibration and temperature, and insight into trend lines for inventory management and workforce allocation.

Bluvision captures and makes available information on millions of events around your assets through Bluzone Cloud solution. This information enables you to track the performance of your assets thereby reducing inefficiencies and gaining visibility to opportunities.

End-to-end platform

Bluvision is a complete IoT solutions provider. The platform spans from sensor beacons to connectivity gateways to SaaS infrastructure that enable remote fleet, workflow and event management.


Bluvision end-to-end solution was designed from the outset to handle problems on a global scale. The solution can handle millions of events across millions of devices on a daily basis.

Simplicity of architecture

Bluvision is a low cost, hardware agnostic solution that is fast and easy to implement. Further, the same infrastructure allows for asset tracking, indoor location, proximity marketing and analytics.

Visibility to actionable data

Bluvision provide data visibility for millions of events and allow for the remote management of this data. They are also able to act on the available information in real-time through user-defined policies.

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